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Family Business
December 9, 2008, 4:14 pm
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I am not planning to turn this into a blog about my family — mainly because they’d murder me if they saw their faces plastered all over the internet — but sometimes, I am reminded of just how important they are to me; and it’s not always in the best way. My little sister is currently away at the United States Merchant Marine Academy, and, as part of her cadet experience, has to spend a year at sea. Currently, she’s working on an Alaskan ferry (and, yes, she can see Russia from her house), but starting on January first, she’s going to be taking a container ship that will sail from Europe to Australia. Sounds like an adventure, right?

Well, I wish it were. With all the news of piracy that’s been cropping up lately in the news; I can’t help but be worried. And now, a recent CNN article has stated that the company for which she will be working, Hapag-Lloyd, has started to fly cruise ship passengers across the Gulf of Aden because of the risk from piracy. Nothing could be scarier to me. After all, as part of the working crew on a  container ship, she won’t have the option to just fly her way out of Somali waters. My worry is probably needless, and if she ever reads this post, she’ll roll my eyes at my needless concern, but, still, it’s scary to think that events a world away could so thoroughly rip into my own life.

Okay, enough moping. I’ll blog reptiles later, but right now, it’s off to class.


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