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November 20, 2008, 6:42 pm
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Today is the Transgender Day of Remembrance.  I have a whole passion and slurry of emotion and things that I want to say, but I would just ask that you remember the thirty men and women who died this year as a result of violence directed against transgender persons.

The case that is closest to home for me, both literally and figuratively, is that of Angie Zapata, who was brutally beaten to death in Greeley, Colorado. Her murderer’s defense team is currently pushing for his charges to be lowered from hate-crime and murder, on the basis that a ‘tranny scare’ is a legitimately distressing event that could trigger a crime of passion, and validating her murderer’s claim that he “killed it.”

In this case, there is exactly one person who deserves the dehumanization and degradation that the pronoun “it” implies, and that is the person who would beat a vibrant, beautiful young woman to death because she was born with the wrong set of genitalia.

Please take a moment to remember our dead today, especially the transgendered women of color who have been so disproportionately affected by the violence plaguing our community.


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I sat here and sobbed over this. I hate people sometimes.

Comment by Nikki

Oh, trust me, you aren’t the only one. I was a mess all damn day over the whole thing.

And, yes, people do sometimes suck

Comment by Leigh

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