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Oy vey…
November 11, 2008, 6:42 pm
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… I need to learn not to promise posts because when I do, my life invariably conspires to spring a hundred surprises on me. So, while I will get to a science post soon, it will probably be a little later this week (and obviously, I didn’t make it by Sunday).

However, I do have news — I have a new family member. Yesterday, I brought in a baby leopard gecko who was abandoned at a local pet store. He is pretty frail, but looks to be a trooper, and is curently in a quarrantine cage in my living room, where he is exploring his new space, establishing dominance over his territory and hiding whenever I go to check on him.

He’s too young to have gotten his spots, but is a beautiful bright yellow and dark brown gecko — I am betting that he will be a beautiful, high-contrast animal when he grows up. I will hopefully get up photos of him tonight — so check back for updates later today.

He is the second lizard and eleventh reptile to be sharing my house (the other nine are snakes); he’s also my eighth rescue reptile, and I hope that he does well. Reptile rescue is always a bit of a harrying, worrying process for me, since there are really no good guarantees on the health of rescued herps — I’ve seen a lot of problematic health conditions in my rescues — especially parasites, from mites to pinworms, and I’m particularly concerned about the risk of cryptosporidium associated with bringing in a gecko — but, I’ve also had rescues who have shown perfect health and have gone on to make great recoveries and live, long fulfilling lives: my oldest, best-loved snake was a rescue, as are some of my most interesting herps, from a Dumeril’s boa to a pair of remarkable green tree pythons.

The long and the short of it is that I am happy to be bringing him in and giving him a second chance at life. He’s a very handsome boy, and once he gets some weight on and his health clears, I am sure that he will be a great addition to my family.

Now I just need to think of a name for him — any ideas?


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Oh man, he’s so cute! I can’t wait till we get Ash’s leos back – they’re beautiful. If you have any questions on leos, I’m sure she’d be able to help. She absolutely loves them and someday she wants to breed them.

A name, huh? I have no idea. Thadius? Finnigan? He looks prestigious.

Comment by Nikki

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